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Small island on south west of Mainland island that is connected to the main island by a "tombolo" or spit and is a typical feature of the Shetland coastline. The inlets are known locally as Voes as in Sullom Voe. Makes a great walk!

The island achieved wider fame when a treasure was found under the altar slab in 1958 in the ruined chapel. Today, the island is entirely uninhabited except by birds and wildlife. On a nice day, it makes a wonderful walk and sitting on the tombolo to eat a sandwich is a joy.

Travel Directions to St Ninians Island

Leave B9122 at Bigton and drive towards the village, as the road makes a hard curve to the right, , turn left and then after 10 yards right and follow track to thebeach. There is parking.

Nearby Ancient Monuments

  • Jarlshof

    Impressive prehistoric site that was the site of human settlement for over 4000 years described as "one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles".

  • Mousa Broch

    Located on the island of Shetland - this is the world's finest surviving Iron Age Broch or tower. Located on the coast, it is dramatic and fascinating.

  • Old Scatness

    Iron Age Broch and settlement only discovered in 1975 as a result of road building work. It is a time capsule of the period.

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