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Many people's favourite beach on Islay and often dramatic seas which make wonderful in any weather. Walk across dunes to access

The bay is accessible through a gate halfway between Machir and Ballinaby farm west of Loch Gorm. For access cross the dunes with their numerous rabbits and descend to reach the beach.

Saligo Bay offers one of the most beautiful light conditions according to some photographers and is a favourite spot for people to watch and photograph an Atlantic Sunset.

Just to the north of Saligo Bay is a distinctive rock formation, locally known as the "Sleeping Giant".

Travel Directions to Saligo Beach on Islay

Park near the gate where there is a rubbish bin as well for litter. Close gate behind you!

Nearby Castles

  • Dun Athad

    Originally an Iron Age Dun, now ruined. Also called Dunaidh Castle. Much ruined, but amazing location.

Nearby Visitor Attractions

  • Sanaigmore Bay Beach

    Beautiful beach on the North West of Islay with white sand.

  • Islay Woollen Mill

    Super interesting old mill with lovely cloth and clothes at excellent prices. The real draw are the unique machines including the only extant version of a Spuffing Billy and working version of the legendary Spinning Jenny

Nearby Ancient Monuments

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