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Beautiful William Adam house with superb gardens and grounds. Open all year.

Houses dont come more like a wedding cake than this which is why it is so popular as a wedding venue, no doubt. The combination of the ornate, exactly proportioned exterior, the lovely Georgian interior and superb gardens make this a very interesting day out. It is also an annexe of the Scottish National Gallery and so hosts very good art exhibitions as well. For bored kids, there is a play area and lots of room outside to let off some steam. Definately a mature attraction.

The house was built between 1735/40 for the future 1st Earl Fife when Scotland was still excited by the Jacobean Threat looming in the next few years. He was a member of Parliament.

It was inhabited byu the family until C20 when it became a hotel and at one point a POW camp. Now it is managed by Historic Scotland


Travel Directions to Duff House

Just off the A98 near Banff with local parking. There are bus services but no local rail station

  • Banff
  • AB45 3SX

Nearby Castles

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