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Tongue House / House of Tongue

Built in 1678, it is the Scottish home of the Countess of Sutherland. Formerly the seat of the Clan Mackay, the house sits on the site of the clan's previous home. It is said to have been burned by Cromwell's army in 1656, while pursuing the Chief of Mackay. It was rebuilt by the Mackays several years later. But in 1829, Tongue House and the majority of the Mackay Estate had to be sold to pay off debts owing to the Sutherland family.

Now owned by the Duchess of Sutherland, the house exterior can be viewed and the gardens are frequently open to the public as Walled garden, herbaceous borders, old fashioned roses, vegetables, soft fruit and small orchard. 

Opening Times

infrequent opening times

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Travel Directions to Tongue House / House of Tongue

Travel Directions

Tongue half a mile. House just off main road approaching causeway.

Visitor Attractions

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