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Castles in Ayrshire

Ayrshire & Arran has many impressive castles that range from spectacular stately mansions to  historic ruins and edifices.


From Dundonald Castle to Rowallan Castle and Culzean Castle, Ayrshire castles remain testomonies of hundreds of years of political change and legacy.


Bardrochat is a substantial country house standing high on a hill overlooking 
the Ayrshire village of Colmonell, not far from Ballantrae. The house 
commands impressive views of rolling hills, wooded copses and the sudden 
inclines of ancient settlements, giving way to the open sea around the stubborn symmetry of Ailsa Craig.

Craigneil Castle

Standing on rocky outcrop in highly defensible position, there is much history associated with the place that is probably inaccurate

Dean Castle

Well preserved stronghold of the Boyd Family who were given these lands by the Bruce. The castle contains a 14thC keep and latrer 15thC palace block as well as later 17thC additions. The surrounding country park is open daily as well and makes day out with kids. The musical instrument collection is outstanding.

Dunure Castle

One of the major castles for the Kennedy's of Carrick who ruled so much of this part of Scotland. Now ruined, but safe to explore and part of Kennedy Park in Dunure on the coast. Well worth a visit if you are driving the coast road.

Greenan Castle

Strikingly located 16th century tower house beside the beach which looks over the coastline. Owned by the Kennedy family. Now ruined but worth visiting along with Greenan Beach.

Kirkhill Castle

The remnants of a 16th Century three storied Tower House with a garret in height. Occupied by the Kennedy’s, till 1843 when it was bought by one Col Barton of Ballaird, a hero of Waterloo, after which time it fell into disrepair.

Ardstinchar Castle

Little survive to view of this 1450 Kennedy castle, only part of the keep some foundations. The castle was demolished in 1770 and the stone used to build a bridge.

Baltersan Castle

Ruinous castle beside the A77 to the west of Maybole. Rumour has it that it is for sale and has planning permission. You get a splendid view from the road.

Clonbeith Castle

 Clonbeith Castle located 3 miles NE of Kilwinning, on minor road south of the B778, north of the Lugton Water. The remains of Clonbeith castle are surrounded by the buildings of a working dairy farm. 

Dunduff Castle

Previously unfinished tower house that is well documented that was completely restored/completed in 1990s and is now private house.

Eglinton Castle

 Located one mile SE of Kilwinning in the Eglinton Country Park. Built in 1796 by John Paterson for Hugh Montgomerie, the 12th Earl of Eglinton. Large Gothic mansion, replacing 17th century castle. 

Kilhenzie Castle

Once ruinous 16th century castle which was restored in C19th and is now a preivate residence still. Can be seen from the road and approached on foot.

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