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Turriff, Aberdeenshire is a thriving town with impressive history which makes this town distinctive like the red sandstone houses which the town is know for. The town got its name from a Scottish gaelic "torr" which means a round hill or "tur" means a tower.

Turriff developed and expanded into a full fledged town with many agricultural industries started operating here. The town also was served by railways from 1857 to 1951 which was helped in its transformation. The town gives a red effect which is due to the majority of the houses here are built using red sandstone which is quarried here.

Local Sights & Activities for Turriff

From a tourist point of view this attractive town has quite a few features to offer to the visitors. With few banks, enough shopping space with different shops, there are library, sports centre and swimming pool for enjoying a leisure time out here.

Turriff Hotels & Accommodation

Turriff also features variety of accommodations so guest can choose as per there requirements and budget. Turriff Hotels are a good option for a comfortable stay in a hassle free atmosphere. Other than that there is Bed and Breakfastin Turriff which accommodates guest to serve a homely feel with great hospitality. For a unique way to accommodate oneself here, Self Catering Cottages in Turriff are also available for enjoying a friendly treat of warm stay.