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Five miles north of Arbroath by road is the attractive little fishing village of Auchmithie, perched precariously on the cliff-top with a steep descent to the harbour and quay. This visitor guide on Auchmithie gives you all the information in and around the village including hotels and accommodation in Auchmithie.

Auchmithie is the true home of the "smokie" and, though Arbroath later took the credit, the village can at least lay claim to the region's best seafood restaurant, the But'n'Ben restaurant (01241 877223; closed Tues). Also serves great high tea.



Local Sights & Activities for Auchmithie

The geo diversity trail from Arbroath to Auchmithie is quite popular among tourists. You can walk to the foot of Auchmithie along a marvellous cliff path which starts at the far end of Victoria Park in Arbroath. There are numerous caves to explore and lots of seabirds to see along the three-mile route. The walk follows the coastal path through the Seaton Cliff's wild life reserve along the recently improved paths for about 9km to Auchmithie. Allow atleast three hours for the full one way walking trail.  There is an infrequent bus service by which you can travel to Auchmithie to set out on a  walking trail in reverse order  to Arbroath.

The bay below Auchmithie follows the curve of a pretty pebble beach, which  has many  sheer red sandstone cliffs, intriguing  rock arches and dark caves, which were once used by smugglers. Sir Walter Scott wrote about Auchmithie in his novel 'The Antiquary' whilst staying here. At the south end of the bay, the derelict harbour can be seen, above which a few small boats are pulled up on the shore. The bay is otherwise empty but for a few sheds and low structures.

You should pick up a free copy of The Arbroath Cliffs Nature Trail Guide from the tourist office. (There does not seem to be a copy online for foreign visitors to study)