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Small Deeside town midway between Ballater and Banchory on the old military road (A93) that grows in size in tourism season. Most famous inhabitant: the Queen.

For most the year Aboyne is a quiet Aberdeenshire village, but for a few months during the summer it is filled with tourists passing through and taking a peak at nearby Balmoral Castle, the summer home of the Queen and Royal Family.

Aboyne's location close to the Cairngorms park and various nearby assets like the Gliding airport make this a popular stop

The village itself is a curiously English affair with is village green courtesy of the Marquess of Huntly who deliberately modelled the village on an English village. 

Travel Directions to Aboyne

Things to Do

  • Satrosphere Science Centre

    An interactive science museum located in Aberdeen, lots of things to learn.

  • Banchory Museum

    See Banchory Museum - the main town on the way to Royal Deeside from Aberdeen - and discover the history of Banchory and its most famous son, musician and composer, J. Scott Skinner, the "Strathspey King".


Aboyne Events

  • Aboyne and Deeside Festival

    An annual arts festival in Royal Deeside with a broad range of events covering classical, folk and contemporary music, politics, thought, art, drama, literature and film. Events are held in a range of venues around Aboyne and surrounding Deeside. See our website for full programme details.

  • Aberdeenshire Youth Games

    Aberdeenshire Youth Games, which is part of the Games for Scotland programme will have colorful activity day apart from an equally impressive opening and closing ceremony.

  • Active Aboyne

    A week of events based around the natural and cultural heritage of Deeside.

  • Aboyne Highland Games

    Having run for over 140 years, the Aboyne Games have attracted thousands of visitors to witness the yearly show of Scottish culture in one of the most scenic parts of Aberdeenshire.