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Cockenzie and Port Seton

Cockenzie and Port Seton have grown from what were initially two small fishing villages. The older parts of the town, between the two harbours, retain a more traditional feel and look, similar to many other small fishing villages on the east coast of Scotland.

Cockenzie and Port Seton is a small town located in East Lothian, Scotland; it sits on the coast of the Firth of Forth just four miles north east of Musselburgh. The two settlements have amalgamated with one another and are known as a single name. This big village boast two harbours:  Port Seton harbour and Cockenzie harbour. Cockenzie was established first and a village existed there around the natural harbour even before it was chartered as a burgh by James VI during 1591. In the same way later Port Seton originated at the tiny hamlet of Seton, where during 1600 Seton build the Seton Palace. The 11th lord Seton built a harbour which was known as Port Seton.

The town has transformed from what it started earlier as two small fishing villages. Cockenzie was the centre of salt making and coal mining. It also exported coal which was unearthed around Tranent. The largest employer in the area is the  coal fired power station in Cockenzie built in 1960 . The fishing industry has declined slowly but the harbour at Port Seton still remains busy in fish trade.