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Timeline of Scottish History

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Accession of Margaret, the grand daughter of Alexander III., and appointment of a Regency


Margaret, the grand-daughter of Alexander, and grand-niece to Edward the First, who had been recognised as heir to the crown in 1284, was in Norway at the time of the king's death. A parliament, therefore, assembled at Scone on the 11th of April, 1286; and a regency, consisting of six guardians of the realm, was, by common consent, appointed. The administration of the northern division of Scotland, beyond the Firth of Forth, was intrusted to Fraser bishop of St Andrews, Duncan earl of Fife, and Alexander earl of Buchan. The government of the country to the south of the Forth was committed to Wishart the Bishop of Glasgow, John Comyn lord of Badenoch, and James the High Steward of Scotland.

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