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Twelfth Century Scotland History

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Twelfth Century Scotland History

  • 1100

Beginning of formation of the clans.

  • 1120

Alexander II founds St. Giles Cathedral.

  • 1124

David I takes the Scottish throne. Period of strong ties with England begins.

  • 1128

David I founds Holyrood Abbey.

  • 1130

Edinburgh becomes a burgh.

  • 1153

David dies at Carlisle. The new king is Malcolm IV.

  • 1156

Somerled wins a naval victory against the ruling Norsemen off Islay.

  • 1157

Henry II of England reclaims Northumberland and Cumberland.

  • 1158

Malcolm goes to France to fight for Henry.

  • 1164

Somerled dies. His land is broken up between his three sons.

  • 1165

William I "The Lion" takes the Scottish throne.

  • 1174

William forced by the Treaty of Falaise to accept Henry II's overlordship of Scotland.

  • 1178

William founds Arbroath Abbey.

  • 1189

He buys back Scottish sovereignty from Richard the Lionheart at the so-called Quitclaim of Canterbury for the sum of £6600. The Quitclaim is the oldest public record in Scotland.


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