Timeline of Scottish History

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Before First Millennium in Scotland

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Before the First Millennium in Scotland
  • 3,000,000,000 BC

Lewisian gneiss rocks, thought to be some of the oldest in existence, first formed.

  • 400,000,000 BC

Scotland is first formed when fragments of another continent meld together.

  • 300,000,000 BC

Scotland lies on the equator covered by rainforests, and with coral reefs offshore.

  • 200,000,000 BC

Dinosaurs roam the lands.

  • 9,500 BC

Last ice age.

  • 8,000 BC

First humans believed to have arrived in Scotland.

  • 6,000 BC

Land link between Britain and Europe finally broken.

  • 3,000 BC

Skara Brae on Orkney populated; Callanish erected.

  • 500 BC

Age of crannogs and brochs.

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