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Timeline of Scottish History

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Edward decides in favour of Baliol

On that great and important day, the council and parliament of England, with the nobility of both countries, being met, the various competitors were summoned to attend; upon which Eric king of Norway, Florence earl of Holland, and William de Vescy, withdrew their claims. After this, Patrick earl of March, William de Ross, Robert de Pynkeny, Nicholas de Soulis, and Patrick Galythly, came forward in person, and followed the same course. John Comyn and Roger de Mandeville, who did not appear, were presumed to have abandoned their right; and the ground being thus cleared for Edward's final judgement, he solemnly decreed: That the kingdom of Scotland being indivisible, and the King of England being bound to judge of the rights of his subjects according to the laws and usages of the people over whom he reigns, by which laws the more remote in degree of the first line of descent is preferable to the nearer in degree of the second; therefore, John Baliol ought to have seisin of the kingdom of Scotland, with reservation always of the right of the King of England and of his heirs, when they shall think proper to assert it.

After having delivered judgement, Edward exhorted Baliol to be careful in the government of his people, lest by giving to any one a just cause of complaint, he should call down upon himself an interference of his Lord Paramount. He commanded the five regents to give him seisin of his kingdom, and directed orders to the governors of the castles throughout Scotland, to deliver them into the hands of Baliol.

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