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Timeline of Scottish History

A timeline of events in Scottish History!. Scroll through a growing chronology of events and click on them for more details and links

He meets the Competitors at Berwick

First of all, he commanded the hundred and four commissioners or delegates, to assemble in the church of the Dominicans, adjoining to the castle, and there receive the claims to the crown. Upon this, twelve competitors came forward. These were—
I. Florence count of Holland, descended from Ada, the sister of King William the Lion.
II. Patrick Dunbar earl of March, descended from Ilda, or Ada, daughter of William the Lion.
III. William de Vescy, who claimed as grandson of Marjory, daughter of William the Lion.
IV. William de Ross, descended from Isabella, daughter of William the Lion.
V. Robert de Pynkeny, descended from Marjory, daughter of Henry prince of Scotland, and sister of William the Lion.
VI. Nicholas de Soulis, descended from Marjory, a daughter of Alexander the Second, and wife of Alan Durward.
VII. Patrick Galythly, claimed as the son of Henry Galythly, who, he contended, was the lawful son of William the Lion.
VIII. IJoger de Mandeville, descended from Aufrica, whom he affirmed to be a daughter of William the Lion.
IX. John Comyn lord of Badenoch, who claimed as a descendant of Donald, formerly King of Scotland.
X. John de Hastings, who was the son of Ada, the third daughter of David earl of Huntingdon, brother to King William the Lion.
XI. Robert de Bruce, who was the son of Isabel, second daughter of David earl of Huntingdon; and lastly,
XII. John de Baliol, who claimed the crown as the grandson of Margaret, the eldest daughter of David earl of Huntingdon.

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