Edward's Continued Success

Edward was not slow to follow up the advantages which this important success had given him. Returning from Lothian, he sat down before the castle of Roxburgh, which was surrendered to him by James, the Steward of Scotland, who not only swore fealty and abjured the French alliance but prevailed upon many others of the Scottish nobility to forsake a struggle which was deemed desperate, and to submit to England. It was at his instigation that Ingeram de Umfraville surrendered the castle of Dumbarton, and gave up to Edward his daughters, Eva and Isobel, as hostages. Soon after, the strong fortress of Jedburgh was yielded to his mercy; and his victorious army being reinforced by a body of fifteen thousand men from Wales, he was enabled to send home that part of his English force, which had suffered most from fatigue in this expedition.