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Foyers located beside Loch Ness in Scotland is not a busy town, it restores the idyllic natural beauty in its rich surroundings.

This Unspoilt destination bestows the bliss of Mother Nature in its lush green highlands. History dates back when General George Wade built a network of military roads along the highlands. The road connects Fort Augustus in the north and Loch Ness in the east.


Local Sights & Activities for Foyers

This quite and tranquil place has abundance of natural beauty treasured in its surroundings. The plantations near the Loch Ness and beautiful houses on the edge of Upper Foyers look attractive. The most charming of them the Falls of Foyers a 140ft waterfall which drops into the gorge heading towards to Loch Ness attracts many visitors here.

It is better to have a walk down the streets to have a picturesque walk and best way to explore this splendid place. There are hotels and other staying options in and around Froyers for tourist which offer all modern amenities in great locations.

Attractions near Foyers

  • Urqhart Castle
  • Caledonian Canal Visitor Centre
  • Ruthven Barrracks
  • Highland Wildlife Park

Foyers Hotels & Accommodation

Self Catering Cottages in Foyers

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