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Magnificent beach to West of Bettyhill with long sandy stretch. Super clean. Not so easy to access unless you know how!

Lovely beach best approached from the West end (Torrisdale). The beach offers excellent surfing when conditions are right as well as amazing walking, kiting, etc. Although Bettyhill is nearby, a river separates the beach from the village so you have to treck round. 

After a storm, the waves are simply awe inspiring 

Travel Directions to Farr Beach, Bettyhill

you can either approach from Torrisdale or from the main road after the bridge on the A836 to the south west of Bettyhill

Both require some walking 

Nearby Castles

Nearby Visitor Attractions

  • Strathnaver Museum

    Interesting little museum in Bettyhill that chronicles the histories of the very far north of Scotland from the Norse through the clearances to the present day. Espeical focus on Clan Mackay and local Gaelic customs.

  • Bettyhill Swimming Pool

    Community run leisure centre with swimming pool in centre of Bettyhill on the North Coast.

Nearby Ancient Monuments

  • Rosal Township

    Once substantial township entirely cleared in the Highland Clearances. Eery and tragic evidence of how this event transformed this land and landscape.

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