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Beautiful beach on the Kyle of Tongue on its western side near Talmine and Tongue.

Skinnet is a small crofting community with a post office between midtown and Talmine. There are two beaches and at low, low tide you can walk out to Rabbit Island. On the easterly, the beach stretches into the Kyle of Tongue and at low tide you can walk past the promontory Ard Skinid towards the islands offshore. If you have time see if you can see the hut circle on the east side of the promontory.

There is a small store in Skinnet with Post Office.

Travel Directions to Skinnet Beach near Talmine

Park off the road at Midtown and walk down


Nearby Castles

    Tongue House / House of Tongue

    Built in 1678, it is the Scottish home of the Countess of Sutherland. Formerly the seat of the Clan Mackay, the house sits on the site of the clan's previous home. It is said to have been burned by Cromwell's army in 1656, while pursuing the Chief of Mackay. It was rebuilt by the Mackays several years later. But in 1829, Tongue House and the majority of the Mackay Estate had to be sold to pay off debts owing to the Sutherland family.

    Caisteal Bharraich Castle Varrich

    Dramatic ruin visible from Tongue in the Far North. You can walk across and back for a drink in a local bar. The castle is located on a prominent rise overlooking the Kyle of Tongue,

Nearby Visitor Attractions

    Strathy Beach

    Another lovely beach between Thurso and Tongue. Popular with surfer crowd. Pure sands and accessible with short walk.

    Coldbackie Beach

    Lovely strip of Sand on Kyle of Tongue that is well protected from the sea by the surrounding capes. Just off A836 and safe to swim. Very quiet!

    Bettyhill Swimming Pool

    Community run leisure centre with swimming pool in centre of Bettyhill on the North Coast.

    Weaver's Cafe & Gift Shop

    A small Gift Shop, Cafe and B&B with en-suite rooms, conveniently situated on the A836 near Tongue. Great gifts for visitors and a nice wee Cafe

Nearby Ancient Monuments

    Dun Dornaigil

    Impressive, well preserved broch that stands almost 7 metres tall with distinctivetiangular lintel about the entrance. On small road south of village of Alltnacaillich

    Rosal Township

    Once substantial township entirely cleared in the Highland Clearances. Eery and tragic evidence of how this event transformed this land and landscape.

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