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Timeline of Scottish History

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Duncan 2

  • Name  : Duncan II
  • Born  : 1060
  • Died  : 1094
  • Category  : Kings and Queens
  • Finest Moment : Evicting his Uncle

If Duncan II had used a passport it would have been well stamped; he was only a King for a few brief months, having been taken hostage in 1072. He was brought up in Normandy for the next 15 years, until freed and knighted by Robert Curthose. He was the son of Malcolm IIIs first marriage.

Three years later he married Octreda of Northumberland (great name that!). His father-in-law had lost his English earldom for revolt against William the Conqueror, and in compensation had received Dunbar from Malcolm.

Four years later, in 1094, and presumably bored with domestic duties, he led an Anglo-Norman army northwards and heaved out his uncle Donald III. The populace, understandably, did not like his foreign entourage, and he was forced to send his followers packing. With a much reduced backing he died near Dunottar, fighting his half-brother Edmund, who had backed Donald. He is buried in Iona.

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