Edward Balliol

Edward Balliol / Kings and Queens

  • Name  : Balliol
  • Born  : c.1283
  • Died  : 1364
  • Category  : Kings and Queens
  • Finest Moment : Beating a disordered Scots army at Dupplin, 12 August 1332

The wretched John Balliol, King of Scotland from 1292-96) had a son, Edward de Balliol, born the elder son and imprisoned with his father in the Tower of London. He later shared his exile in France, though here the word exile has to be taken lightly, as that was the family home, in Picardy.

In 1324, Edward II brought him back to England, as a rival to Robert I. The price of Edward's support was a large slice of southern Scotland. In 1332, during the minority of David II (son of Robert I), Edward Balliol invaded Scotland by sea, landing at Kinghorn in Fife. He defeated a feudal army at Dupplin in Perthshire, on 12 August, and was 'crowned' at Scone on 24 September.

Three months later, this puppet king was chased out of Annan, starting a new life hiding behind English armies. He was back in Scotland several times but was treated with the customary contempt reserved for the likes of those who wear the wrong tie at the wrong time. Finally, in 1356, even Edward III gave up on him, dismissing him with a pension. He slunk back to family home in Bailleul, Picardy, dying in 1364, thankfully childless.

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