Fergus Mor

Fergus Mor / Kings and Queens

  • Name  : Mor
  • Born  :  ?
  • Died  : 501
  • Category  : Kings and Queens
  • Finest Moment : Landing in Scotland and burning his boats, in 500 AD.

'The first to have the name Scot, and to speak Gaelic, in Scotland'

Going back to mists of time here, so that details are sketchy, but Fergus Mor, or Fergus mac Erc ' Son of Erc, was the ruler of Dalriada (or Dal Riata) in Ireland. Some time about 500 AD he led his people, the Scoti, from Antrim to Kintyre, in mid-Argyll, where they settled.

Fergus is credited, therefore, with the name Scot, which would also lend itself to the current name of Scotland. He also introduced the Gaelic language to Scotland. In addition, he is credited as being the founding father of the royal house of Scotland, which would continue its wobbly way for almost 800 years.