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John Muir

John Muir / Other

  • Name  : Muir
  • Born  : 1838
  • Died  : 1914
  • Category  : Other
  • Finest Moment : Yosemite declared a National Park, 1890

A Pioneering Conservationist, and revered throughout America as the 'Father of the National Parks', John Muir was born in Dunbar, on 21 April 1838. At the age of 11 he emigrated with his family to Wisconsin, where his father started farming.

He started studying the natural history of the Yosemite Valley in 1868, making many original points about its geology. Meanwhile, he became increasingly aware of the desperate need to preserve such glorious areas for future generations.

In a series of active campaigns, he secured Congressional approval for its declaration as a National Park in 1890. His demonstration of its beauties to President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt were beneficial in gaining support.

Ironically, there as yet no National Parks in Scotland, though there are ongoing discussions as to how they can be best implemented. In the interim, charitable organisations such as the John Muir Trust have been instrumental in raising funds to purchase wild land in Knoydart, Skye, and just recently Ben Nevis, so as to help preserve these areas.

He died of pneumonia on Christmas Eve, 1914, without ever renouncing or forgetting his Scottish origins.

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