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Timeline of Scottish History

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Political Figures of Scotland

Scottish Political Figures

James Keir Hardie / Political Figures

The first leader of the Labour Party in the House of Commons.

James Maxton / Political Figures

Clydeside socialist and life-long pacifist.

James Ramsay MacDonald / Political Figures

The first Labour Party prime minister of Great Britain.

John MacDonald MacCormick / Political Figures

Founder member of the Scottish National Party.

John MacLean / Political Figures

Scotland's best-known Clydeside revolutionary.

John Smith / Political Figures

Elected leader of the Labour Party in 1992.

Robert Munro / Political Figures

A Secretary of State and educational reformer.

Thomas Johnston / Political Figures

Set up the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board.

William Gallacher / Political Figures

A communist M.P. from Clydeside for 16 years.

Winnie Ewing / Political Figures

A prominent, early Scots Nationalist M.P. and M.E.P. since 1975.

Patrick Colquhoun / Political Figures

Founder of Glasgow's Chamber of Commerce and social improver.

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