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Balfluig Castle

L Plan Tower house that was derelict for a time before being rebuilt. Now occupied again.

Built in 1556, this L-plan tower house was the seat of a branch of the Forbes clan which was the principal clan in the Howe of Alford, but was sold to a Farquharson in 1753. The house may have been built by the same master builder responsible for Abergeldie Castle although there is no documentary evidence. The castle fell into ruin but was entirely restored in the late 1960s. The castle is a Category A listed building. 

Local tradition apparently relates that at one time there was another castle near enough for the respective lairds to shoot at one another from their windows, until one laird killed the other, regretting the deed for the rest of his life. There is no evidence for another castle that close so the story is merely local myth. 

It was restored in 1998 and can be rented as self-catering holiday accommodation. 

Balfluig Castle, 1556. Dated on voussiors of doorway and formerly marsh-girt, this medium-sized Forbes place is more than moderately competent. Link-plan, with three-storey main block and tall, five-storey tower on south-east. Two cells in thickness of staircase-wall linked by circular stair-tower. Of pinned boulder rubble with mix of sandstone and granite dressings: nicely knobbly rounded angles, corbels for brattice at second floor on east side. (One corner turret not replaced: see Giles's painting, Leith Hay, 1849.) White harl a bit stark for these climes. Lay unoccupied from 1753, when it was sold to the Farquharsons, until restored in 1966.

Taken from "Aberdeenshire: Donside and Strathbogie - An Illustrated Architectural Guide", by Ian Shepherd, 2006. Published by the Rutland Press


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