Balgavies Castle

Minimal remants of a castle that were razed to the ground in 1593 by James VI. All that remains is really a solitary arch in woodland.

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The remains of Balgavies Castle are situated on a natural knoll, and are thickly overgrown with vegetation. No moat was noted but it is not unlikely that this site was ditched around the base of the knoll. The remains consist of 2 barrel vaults lying E-W and forming a whole rectangular area of 8.0 x 6.0m - each being 4.0m wide and 2.5m high. A small rectilinear window exists in the north wall of the west vault showing the walls to be 1.3m thick. The floors of the vaults are sunk 0.8m below the outer ground level. The vaults are in crumbling condition, and are of coursed rubble construction.

The course of a wall can be faintly traced among the undergrowth parallel to, and 1.5m distant from, the south front of the vaults. It is again noted on the west side of the vaults 3.0m from them. A fragment of a curving wall was noted c.12.0m SW of the vaults and may possibly be the foundation of a round tower. These wall foundations are c.1.0m wide; but excavation is required to determine their exact character.

Travel Directions to Balgavies Castle

Travel Directions

Situated off B9113 before the Mains of Balgavies House

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