Belchester House

1800 mansion extended later in C19the century. Incorporates an earlier tower house of unknown history.

Belchester House, situated south-east of the village of Leitholm, was built in the eighteenth century and probably includes the fabric of an earlier fortified house. This was the seat of the Dickson family from the fourteenth century.

As there have been many alterations and additions to this building, it is difficult to date it precisely. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the house had probably become U-shaped, with the two arms facing south.

In the 1830s, substantial additions included the construction of a fourth wing. This created a central courtyard, which was then roofed over to form a much larger house. It is thought that the architect William Burn, who also designed the nearby Anton's Hill House, carried out some of the nineteenth century alterations. In the later part of the twentieth century, a service wing and conical tower were both demolished.

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Travel Directions to Belchester House

Travel Directions

South of Leitholm near Coldstream. Turn south off B6461 to the west of Leitholm

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