Gilnockie Tower

Once the home to the powerful Reiver family of the Armstrongs and the site of their demise. 16th century Tower house now fully restored as the Armstrong Clan centre

Today Gilnockie Tower is the only habitable Armstrong tower which is left in existence from the original 80 - 90 Pele towers in the Eskdale and Liddesdale area that were owned by the family and enabled them to be the major force in the area. The tower was restored after 1978 and standing roofless for some years and is now home to Armstrong Clan Centre.

The museum contains information on a number of notorious Armstrong characters.

Stand atop the tower and you can see its value as a lookout post from which can be seen the Border regions of England.

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Travel Directions to Gilnockie Tower

Travel Directions

Keep on A& north of Canonbie and take first turning to the right. Road wiggles round but the tower is visible for navigation purposes

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