Withisleis Castle

Possible site for Armstrong Castle or Motte. Architectural sketchy. Little except mound to ve viewed

Published apparently on the authority of local residents (Name Book 1858, as the stronghold owned and occupied by Kinmont Willie (Armstrong), who in fact had Sark, or Morton, which is shown on a map of 1590 as Kinmont Tower (see NY37NW 5). 
This is almost certainly the site of one of the two towers shown on the map (Royal MS. 18D iii, Burghley Atlas map 1590) at Woodhouselees (Withisleis). Ebye Armstrong, 'the goodman of Waddusles', is mentioned in 1583. The majority of the many border towers in the area were owned by members of the Armstrong clan. 
J and R Hyslop 1912; H Maxwell 1896 

Opening Times

Viewable in middle of field

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Travel Directions to Withisleis Castle

Travel Directions

Turn off A7 onto B7201 and in the field to the left

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