Randolphstoun/Randerston Castle

Nothing remains now of a possible fort except for crop circles that suggest previous fortifications. Its position must have been spectacular!

The castle of Randerston, mentioned in 1528 (C Rodgers 1877) stood on the shore, over 1/2 mile E of the late 16th century Randerston House (NO61SW 5) which superseded it. The lands of 'Randalstown' are recorded in 1429, and the 'tower, fortalice and manor-place' in the 1663 (Reg Magni Sig Reg Scot). 
RCAHMS 1933 

No trace of a castle was seen in the area. The name 'Randerston Castle' on OS 6" refers to a natural rock feature on the shore (Name Book 1854).
Visited by OS (WDJ) 3 September 1968 


also:  Randalstown; Randerson; Randerston Castle

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