Sex in the City Mini Highland Games - Edinburgh

Sex in the city New York meets the Highland games. We give you Scotland's traditional sports event and then add a hen party twist. Great Fun, silly and not a wisp of pubic to be seen - check under kilts!

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Don those Manolos get that Prada bag looked out and get ready! Carrie Samantha Charlotte and Miranda watch out!

Your party will be divided into smaller teams each named after one of the characters from the eponymous series.

Just as in the series you will be part banter and part friends as you indulge in a spot of healthy competition  as each group competes in specially themed events and battle against each other to accumulate the most Cosmo tokens.

Throughout you will be aided gallantly and chivalrously by our very own kilted Mr McBig's who are on hand to cater to your every whim. After a final tug of love the ladies with the most tokens will win their prize - a bottle of bubbly what else!

Highlights of your Games

  • Traditional highland games events with a girly twist  
  • Clans named after your favourite characters
  • Kilted instructors  
  • Bottle of bubbly for the winners!

The Little Details

  • Minimum Age: 12
  • Approx Length of Activity:
  • Suitable for: Hen and Stag Parties