Best of Edinburgh Shopping

Edinburgh is not only all about traditions and culture, the place is a shopper's paradise with variety of shops and malls giving the city a shoppers friendly destination. Edinburgh's shops are not only best known for traditional Scottish souvenirs and upmarket goods, but also for food products in particular. An increasing number of fashion boutiques, music shops, and other designer stores all open up a wide choice for visitors.

Note: All shops opens from 9am to 6pm (Mon-Sat)

Herbie of Edinburgh

A delightful Edinburgh deli and sandwich takeaway. Do check out their their range of bread (which often sells out), their homemade pesto and houmous.


A popular deli that sell basic food and grocery items as well as fresh fruit, wines and vegetables, Margiotta is a popular choice among shoppers in Edinburgh.

Hendersons Bread

A great place to relish handbaked a rye, spelt and sourdough breads that are well complemented by their traditional, organic loaves, rolls and oatcakes, Hendersons Bread is a popular choice for the Edinburgh local populace.

Marcella Italian Bakery

the plain look and not so good looks of thsi Italian eatery might make it obscure. However, it fares well for its impressive range of fresh Italian delicacies.

Real Foods

A one stop shop  for natural and ethically sourced products.