The Best Old 'Unspoilt' Pubs in Edinburgh

For those who fancy a drink in classic settings and traditional style, there are many old school bars in Edinburgh. Serving some of teh finest real ale and blended whiskies,in these Victorian pubs that were set up 100 odd years back. Browse our list of some of the old bars in town that relive the laid back charm of the past.

Bennet's Bar

Originally set up in 1875, in Bennets, time seems to have not changed a wee bit all these years. Offers an interesting menu and dining list. The original Victorian fittings of the front bar and the intricate wood work adds up to the retro charm Bennets.

Greyfriar's Bobby

A range of real ales and whiskies and an extensive menu of Greyfriars Bobby's attracts diners of all possible genres


Mathers bar, situated at the far West End of Princes street is a traditional drinking pub with a good range of cask ales and over 100 whiskies on offer.

Pear Tree

One of the best loved traditional pubs in Edinburgh, Pear Tree has a legacy of over 250 years. Its large cobbled courtyard and beer garden is quite popular among the ale lovers.

Roseburn Bar

An old style pub that serves beers, wines and spirits that are well complemented by an interesting choice of pub meals ...

Starbank Inn

Located on the waterfront of Newhaven, the Starbank offers great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Diggers

Old fashioned and traditional, Diggers offers a range of whiskey and good ales. Friendly staff and ambience. Well known for its ornate interiors, it serves a range of real ale. However , if you are looking for a wide choice of bar food, Diggers, might not be for you.

The Royal Oak

The royal oak is a real Scottish pub that is as famous for its live music options as its impressive winelist. Only a few blocks away from the nerve centre of Royal Mile.


An old school bar in Edinburgh with an impressive wine list featuring blended malts and hops.


One of the finest Real Ale Bars in Edinburgh, Guildford is a good place to enjoy cask ales, malt whisky and imported beers. Tasty bar food available.

Oxford Bar

The Oxford Bar situated on Young Street, Edinburgh is well known for having been featured in Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus series of novels. It still retains the original compartmentalised form which many other local bars have lost.


An old corner pub in the Leith walk area, Robbie's has a range of cask ales and malts on offer. Always busy on a weekend with drinkers from from the Hibernian stadium just around the corner. The rich interiors with traditional wood, mirrors, and bright colored prints make it dramatically beautiful.

Sandy Bell's

A small, old fashioned street corner pub that serves premium quality real ales and selection of over 35 malt whiskies. A young crowd comprising mainly of students add up to the mood.

The Canny Man

A small traditional and eclectic bar, which serves an array of whisky. The tiny rooms filled with keepsakes and cutlery. No mobile phones allowed. An unusual pub in Edinburgh.

The Kenilworth

The legacy of Kenilworth bar back to 1893 when it was set up by a wine and spirit merchant. It takes its name from a novel by Sir Walter Scott, whose portrait hangs outside.