Best Takeaway Places in Edinburgh

Edinbrgh  has scores of takeaway operations where diners stop by to grab their favorite, freshly made food itmes on their way to work or back. A smart option to take an off from the cooking chores, take aways units have evolved to be quite popular among the city populace. Here is our list of some of the best takeaway places in Edinburgh and you would never go wrong.


Honored as one of the "Best Places To Eat In Edinburgh", Appetite offers delicious home-made food, light meals, snacks and beverages to take away which is ideal for takeaways.


Relish a healthy range of tasty juices and smoothies freshly made infront of you, homemade soup or organic coffees in this takeaway.


A friendly café named after the tribe from South Africa offers tasty sandwiches and massive grubs to cater to the hungry cells of its patrons.


Hula is a lively juice bar and cafe in the heart of Edinburgh's old town, which is quite popular among the locals and tourists.

Juice Monkeys

A popular takeaways and coffee shop in Edinburgh  that serves rich coffee, soups and fruit drinks. Great atmosphere.