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Lairg is a small town located in the Sutherland, Highlands in Scotland north of Inverness. Visitor guide to Lairg in the Scottish Highlands. Includes what to see and do and accommodation options.

Lairg acts as a railhead for much of the far north-west regions of Scotland and connects it to far off places. It was in the end of 1800s the railway head was established. The Far North Line of this rail head links Inverness in the south with Thurso and Wick in the north.

Though small but Lairg has many features to look for being a centre of road networks and coastline it boasts many shops, eating joints, bars and great hotels and cottages giving ample options for the visitors. With a population of about 900 people its a sizable town of Scotland.

If we look into the past we can find that this place was not as sparsely populated as it is in present. Lairg was a part of vast estate owned by Duke of Sutherland which was used for grazing of sheep for money making, rather renting it to crofters. Many people were forced to migrate to other parts for their livelihood. Lairg is also an important centre for the sales of sheep and one of the largest sheep auction place in Europe.

Things started moving in Lairg by the beginning of 1900s with the making of diesel generator in the village in order to get the power for the village. It is easy accessible with the web of roads making it a good travel destination with highlands and natural sceneries allover.

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Nearby Ancient Monuments

  • Dun Dornaigil

    Impressive, well preserved broch that stands almost 7 metres tall with distinctivetiangular lintel about the entrance. On small road south of village of Alltnacaillich