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Lybster was once an important herring fishing port just south of Wick. Today the fisherman are gone leaving behind a lovely stone harbour and village of stone houses. It 

The village must have been busy on the days when the Herring fleet hove into port. The small stone harbour would have been crammed with boats and on stormy days and nights, there must have been many a family worrying about their men out at sea.


There's a store in town for picking up the necessaries

Travel Directions to Lybster

Local Sights & Activities for Lybster

If you are interested in finding out more about Lybster and the fishing fleet - visit Waterlines Harbour Visitor Centre (01593 721520) - no website as far as we know. Located above the harbour.

Nearby Ancient Monuments

  • Hill o' Many Stanes

    Why are 200 stones aligned in a pattern in this field (and there were probably 600 to start with). What was there purpose? This is the most striking and most mysterious of the stone lines in Caithness. Just off A99 South of Wick and easy to visit. (signposted)

Lybster Hotels & Accommodation

The Portland Arms Hotel on the A99 is the biggest hotel around and serves passing traffic for the most part but offers food and has a bar as well.