• The Strathnaver Trail

    The Strathnaver Trail

    Discover the lost history of Highland Scotland on wonderful signed walk

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Strathnaver Trail

Walk from Bettyhill to Altnaharra across Sutherland that encounters 29 archeological sites. Moderate difficulty and very interesting!

This long walk  along Strathnaver is an opportunity to both enjoy the countryside as well as an encounter with this land's rich history and archaeology. During the trail you will encounter iron and bronze age remains as well as the now silent settlements that were cleared during the notorious clearances.

The walk itself is not too arduous although the ground underfoot can be soft and boggy. Good walking shoes or boots are a necessity as is protection from Scotland's least welcome inhabitant, the dreaded midge. The walk itself is well signposted although we recommend that you take a map, preferably an ordnance survey map which provides wonderful detail of what you are passing through.

It is extraordinary to think that this landscape was once heavily populated as it is now so bare and silent. You will see four or five ruined settlements that were once home to many families before the clearances. The land seems so inhospitable, it seems amazing that so many could scratch a living from it. There are brochs, old churches and battlefields to explore.

The best way to plan your walk is with two cars so that you can drive back to the starting point. The good news is which ever way you start there is a bar at the end where you can sit and discuss what you have seen.

This is probably one of the most remarkable historical walks and yet one of the least visited. YOu will only encounter a few other people during it so you can really enjoy both the past and the remarkable landscape around you dominated by Ben Loyal and Ben Hope.

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Difficulty Level



4-5 hours

Ordnance Survey

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