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Lovely wild woodland garden near Aberfeldy that features the UK's widest conifer tree with a girth of 11 metres. Usually quiet. worth visiting.

Cluny House Gardens is a 2.4 hectare organic woodland garden managed to give the appearance of being a natural woodland combining introduced plants with some native plants. Cluny House Gardens boasts the widest conifer in the UK; a giant sequioa tree with a amazing girth of 11 metres.

The gardens have now developed into an exceptional habitat for wildlife including; a good density of woodland birds; a large number of invertebrate species; colonies of bats; wide range of fungi; and a healthy population of easily viewable red squirrels. Red Squirrels which are indigenous to the UK have been threatened by the introduction of the more sturdy grey squirrels. Perthshire is one of the last strongholds of the species. They are frequently seen in the gardens. 


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Address Details

  • Cluny Beag, Cluny House Gardens, Aberfeldy
  • PH15 2JT

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