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Secluded beach on Trotternish Peninsula on Skye where Scotland's largest dinosaur prints were found in 2002

This small beach with sand at one end is most interesting for the dinosaur footprints found here, but it is also a loively morning and evening walking beach.

The beach at An Corran, Staffin contains remarkable footprints. They were left by a group of dinosaurs that walked across the sand here some 165 million years ago. The prints are covered by the sea at high tide, and are often covered by sand in the summer. The best time to see them is after a winter storm, when the sea has swept the sand away. Location close to ramp.



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  • Flora Macdonald Grave

    The story of Flora Macdonald is well known and her courageous support for Bonnie Prince Charlie. She is buried in Kilmuir Cemetary with a cross as a monument. A lovely location with the sea in the distance. Johnson's epitaph remains as moving as ever.
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