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Strathmore to Braemore Walk

This walk gives a flavour of the bleak but beautiful landscape of the Caithness hinterland. The 16-mile linear route starts from Strathmore Lodge.

To get there, head south from Thurso on the B874. After a short distance turn on to the B870 and follow it for 10 miles to the little hamlet of Westerdale, which stands on the River Thurso. Turn right here on to an unnumbered road and follow this road for about five miles. Just past the white Strathmore Lodge the road splits. Follow the right-hand track which runs through commercial forestry, before emerging on to open moor with Loch More on the left.

Where the forestry begins again on the right, the track swings left across an arm of the loch and heads southwards. At the southern end of the loch a track runs left to Dalnaha, but keep going straight ahead, along the valley of the River Thurso. You then reach a cluster of buildings at Dalnawillan Lodge. Ignore the track which heads off to the right and carry straight on, past the house at Dalganachan, over Rumsdale Water and on to the junction before The Glutt, which is a series of buildings. Turn left here and follow the track for a further four miles till you reach the junction beside Lochan nan Bò Riabach. Continue down the valley of Berriedale Water to Braemore. There is no public transport from here, so you'll have to arrange your own transport if you don't want to retrace your steps. OS sheet No 11 covers the route.

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