Scottish Mountaineers

Scottish Mountaineers

Alfred Ernest Maylard / Mountaineers

Alfred Ernest Maylard / Mountaineers

Archibald Eneas Robertson / Mountaineers

First person to complete all the Munros

George Graham Macphee / Mountaineers

Prominent Scottish winter climbing activist

Harold Raeburn / Mountaineers

Leading Scots climber at start of 20th century

John Mackenzie / Mountaineers

Scotland's first professional mountain guide

John Norman Collie / Mountaineers

Leading climbing activist in Scotland and around the world during early 20th century

Sir Hugh T. Munro / Mountaineers

Compiled the first list of Scotland's mountains over 3,000 feet, the Munros

William Brown / Mountaineers

Early Scots climbing activist during late 19th century

William Douglas / Mountaineers

Early member of SMC and first ascensionist of Naismith's Route

William Inglis Clark / Mountaineers

Leading Scots climber and SMC member at start of 20th century

William Wilson Naismith / Mountaineers

Founder member of SMC and creator of Naismith's Rule