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Carnban Castle

The castle is three miles west of Fortingall in Glenlyon. It's on the north side of the road above the bends and among the trees. It is largely ruined.

The castle is a ruined tower house with vaulted basement and gun loops on either side of gateway all that remains. The castle was built 1564 by Duncan Campbell the hospitable.  He was so generous that he gave all his clothes to a passing beggar. When his wife saw him outside, white and naked she called him a white goose - in Gaelic "Carn Ban", hence the name for the castle. The castle was destroyed by a party of McDonalds from Glencoe about 40 years later using fire arrows.

Near the bottom of the Glen where the road runs close to the river, look to the north and you will see a large mansion called "Chesthill". This was the home of Robert Campbell of Glenlyon who was the commander of the troops who carried out the infamous massacre at Glencoe in 1691.

Look carefully through the trees to the opposite bank of the river to see a picturesque bridge over a waterfall. It is known as "Roman Bridge".

Opening Times

Just park and wander up

Travel Directions to Carnban Castle

Travel Directions

Park your car at the small building past the bends - and walk!

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