There's an air of relative well-being about Cupar, verified by an array of shops catering to the retail connoisseur. In the heart of the burgh is the Castlehill which played a notable part in Cupar's history. There, the Thanes of Fife had their principle residence in ancient times and later it became the home of Sir David Lindsay. Sir David was a dramatist with a devastating wit and his play Ane Pleasant Satyre of the Three Estaits earned him considerable fame. It was by far the most popular play of its day and is still popular at the Edinburgh Festival.

Phone code: +44 (0)1334 Population: 7,610

The main centre in the Howe of Fife is Cupar, a thriving market town that was once the administrative centre of Fife. This is our guide to Cupar with information on history, how to get there an tips on what to do and see.

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