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The visitor guide on Kinnettles in Angus gives you information about the town and the sarrounding areas including, hotels and accommodation in the area.

Kinnettles is located in Angus and is a council area in the northeast of Scotland. The word Kinnettles means "the head of the bog". No town or village is named as Kinnettles, but a Kinnettles house bears this name. Douglas town is the largest village in Kinnettles.

The area is bordered on the north and east by Forfar, and the southwest and northwest by Glamis. The centre of the Parish there is one hill named oblong Brigton (164m), from where the Kerbet Water takes its origin. The Kerbet valley is a fertile place with a lush green outlook it also contains two small hamlets, Kirkton and Douglastown. The other major residential area is at Ingliston on the flatter area towards northwest.

On the northern side lies the "Great Drain", now known as the Dean Water. Strathmore Estates constructed this, connecting Forfar Loch and the Kerbet, in the 18th century and thus helped to drain this previously boggy area. In addition it provided a transportation route for marl from the Loch to the Estate.



Local Sights & Activities for Kinnettles

Kinnettles kirk, a church is a real delight to watch. It was designed by Samuel Bell and was built in 1812 close to the other one which was built in the 13th century. The Steeple Church and St. Andrew's Church in Dundee was also designed by Samuel Bell. Prior to Bell's church being built, the Manse, which is now a private family home, just over the south wall of the cemetery, had been rebuilt in 1801 and renovated in 1811.

An interesting feature is the stained glass windows. These windows were paid for by the women of Kinnettles to commemorate the ten local men who fell while in action during the 1914-18 First World War. The interior and exterior of the churchyards, give an insight about the lifestyle of the communities and how they may have lived. Tracing the original placements of the above is difficult, however. At least these memorials have regained some dignity by the current layout.

Kinnettles in Angus represent a wonderful countryside added with historic places like that of Kinnettles kirk makes this place ideal for tourist looking for rural destination. Kinnettles accommodation facilities are a comfortable one which includes Bed and Breakfast accommodation.