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All you would like to know about Rosehearty town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Also in the page you'll find Hotels In Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Rosehearty sits on the north-facing coast of Aberdeenshire just four miles west of Fraserburgh. This town was founded by a group of Danes in the 14th century. The Pitsligo castle was built during 1424 by the Fraser family, further this was widened by the Forbes family in 1570. The remains of the two castles are still seen here. Sir Alex Forbes residents of  Pitsligo castle during 1630s expanded Rosehaerty with the vision to develop a large commercial fishery. Soon the place was growing at a great pace with ninety fishing boast based on Rosehearty dealing with wide range of marketing and processing activities.

It was the emergence of railways which changed the whole scenario in Rosehearty, with the arrival of railways in North East Scotland which ended at Fraserburgh, Rosehearty was isolated this also shifted the fishing industry to Fraserburgh. In present day context Rosehearty pictures out a lively place with a busy harbour which lies at the east end of the village. The attractive town also boast a fishertown with cottages extending till the shoreline from the harbour.

Rosehearty Hotels & Accommodation

To give a variety of cosy accommodations to tourist and visitors Rosehearty has many holiday cottages, bed and breakfast, and self catering cottages. Rosehearty accommodation displays a wide range of modern amenities and facilities to make stay more pleasurable for guest.