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The county town of Forfar lies at the heart of Angus, Scotland. It is the district capital and administrative centre of Angus council and was the county capital of the former county of Angus.  To the north-east of Forfar, an agriculture based community named Aberlemno are living in their churchyard contains some of the finest Pictish sculptured stones in Angus. Forfar is a fertile location; agriculture is a vital part in the local economy.

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    Local Sights & Activities for Forfar

    The Meffan, a listed building in the town's West High Street, hosts an advanced new exhibition at the "Meffan Institute Museum and Art Gallery", which would take you on a magical trip back in time with its resident exhibition named as 'The Forfar Story'. The Meffan also hosts a variety of contemporary touring exhibitions that would amuse tourist from all over the world and puts on display Celtic, Pictish and Neolithic remains. You can also find a wide-ranging and interactive computer catalogue of all the Pictish stones in Angus. Forfar has a strong link with the textile industry which started from 1700s onwards. Still textile industry continues as the major industry with a many industrial textile plant operating in the town.

    Forfar has a loch to the east and west, one of which was home to Queen Margaret, wife of Malcolm Canmore. The Forfar loch is now surrounded by a nice country park with a three-mile nature trail as well as a visitor centre. There was a royal residence built in 12th and 13th century, an important religious centre and the most imaginative museums which depicts the history of Forfar all these places attract tourists to a greater extend. To cater to the needs of the tourist Forfar have quality accommodation facility available in and around the town. This includes hotels and guest houses. Forfar provide a perfect base for you to explore Scotland.

    Drop into any bakers and pick the famous Forfar Birdie,  a semi-circular folded pastry-case of mince, onion and seasonings. MacLarens is supposed to be the locals' favorite and Saddlers near the parish church is another one worth visiting too. At the Royal Hotel on Castle Street you can avail all day food and drink. For affordable home-made soup, The Tolbooth is worth a visit. You can also join the chitchat with supporters of the Forfar Athletic Football Club here.

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