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Newbigging, the name originally referred to a "new bigging" or "new cottar town" (hamlet).This village is located roughly 2 miles north of Monifieth and east of Dundee. The inhabitants of Newbigging in Angus belong to the knit community who has spent most of their lives there. While the village remains small, the slow expansion of its borders through property development is enough to see new inhabitants moving to the village, preventing it from dying out.

The oldest buildings in the village, over 200 years old, are the village church and the old church manse. The church is located almost in the centre of the village on the "Pitairlie" main road, and is still in use for Sunday services, funerals, weddings and Christmas Eve meetings. The old manse which was superseded by the new manse behind the church, neither of which is used as the church manse anymore, was given the dwelling name of "Davidsons Cottage". While this name is still on many databases as the name for the oldest house in Newbigging.

The other important buildings and locations in the village are: Newbigging Primary School, the village hall is also owned by the Primary School and used by them for gym lessons, school concerts, and parties. The hall is also used by the community for Council meetings and as the local Polling Office.

The Newbigging Shop is now under new ownership, is currently undergoing works to improve its appearance both internally and externally. This move may help to see the return of the prize for Scotland's Best Local Convenience Store, which was awarded to the previous owners in 1997. The Village Garage and petrol station is a convenient stopping point for services and fuel top up as the only other stations nearby are stations in Dundee 3 miles to the South-East, and nothing for many more miles to the north.