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Kintore a small town in Aberdeenshire got its name from the Gaelic Ceann-an-torr, Ceann means the head, or the end and Torr means a round hill.

This states a town was at the head or end of a round hill. Kintore sits near Inverurie with great surroundings and attractions. This royal burgh was established in 12th century with a royal charter renewed by King James IV in 1506. This town is passed by A96 road between Aberdeenshire and Inverness, connecting it to all nearby places. Kintore is about 13 miles from the centre of Aberdeen.

Local Sights & Activities for Kintore

Kintore has an impressive historical past with recent archeological excavations showing Neolithic remains dating back to 5000years back. It has few attractions also; the Town House in the centre of the town stands here since 1747 in the old market in which the annual Marymass Fair was held. The Kintore 2000 millennium stone will catch your attention standing tall in front of the Town House.

The ancient Kintore Parish Chruch built in 1819 is a great example of artistic glory, designed by the famous architect Archibald Simpson . Many historic sites and landmarks are there in Kintore showcasing the rich historic past and importance of the place. The burial grounds are one of the Pictish symbol stones and a mort house. This was the place where the bodies were kept under the mort cloth.

With more and more tourist attendance Kintore offers variety of accommodations for visitors from Hotels, Guest Houses, to other staying options, Kintore is an ideal place for a family holiday and outings. Its also a great place to stop for all heading to Aberdeen.