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Fairmont St Andrews Torrance Course

Fairmont St Andrews Torrance Course is proud to be recognised as one of the top golf resorts in the world. Elevate your game here at St Andrews.

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Fairmont St Andrews Torrance Course

Here we have one of the more ignored and under rated courses in St Andrews, The Torrance Course which is located right beside a glorious five star resort and spa! This may not be the first course that people think of, but there is no denying that you can have a testing round here on the Torrance Course.

Why You Should Come To The Fairmont St Andrews Torrance Course

This is a really great resort that is so close to the sea that if it were any closer you would be sleeping with the fish. When it first opened, The Fairmont St Andrews was to be honest pretty basic and ignored by golf enthusiasts. To their credit though the people here rolled up their sleeves and did a lot of work in making changes to the course. Now it does play like a links course and offers a good, testing round of golf.

The course is very well laid out and they really like to cater to golfers of all skill levels here are there are four tees to start from with the championship tees coming in at, 7,227 yards and the ladies at 5,412 yard with two other tees in between. When you first step out on the Torrance Course it looks like there is going to be so many things that get you in trouble and truth be told if you slice a shot you can be. But the Torrance Course is a very fair golf course and it has some very slick greens which can either work for you or against you (especially when the rain has made things a wee bit more slippery!) the hazards are expertly placed around the course and I can say that I personally have been caught out more than a few times because I did not take my time!

The Torrance Course when the Open Championship is held in St Andrews is used as a qualifying course and it has been featured on a number of other tours also. In all this is just a great place for a round of golf it is hard to say exactly what makes a round here so good, but pretty much everyone who has played here has been very impressed at the last few years have seen the Torrance Course appear on a number of “best course” lists.

Ignored by many and loved by a few is the best way to describe the Torrance Course.

Best Hole At The Fairmont St Andrews Torrance Course

Hole 12

There are a number of great holes here, but the one I in particular had a lot of fun with was the par 5, hole 12. First of all the amazing view of the resort in the background as you make your approach to the hole is just incredible. But also Hole 12 is a hole where you can really cut loose and let off a little steam with a huge drive! I got a little lucky and the wind was just right. So my huge drive made me feel like superman and set me up for a birdie! Ever since I have had a real soft spot for this part of the course.

Some Things To Know About The St Andrews Torrance Course

The Kittocks Course

As well as the Torrance Course there is also the Kittocks Course here at the Fairmont St Andrews. Which in its own right is a great course. Two course, one location that can only mean one thing! A great day of golf! While the Torrance Course has more of a links feel to it, the Kittocks Course has more of a “resort” or “seaside” type of feel to it.

Have The Right Attitude

I cannot tell you how many people I know who have just drove past the Fairmont St Andrews in favour for one of the more famous courses here in St Andrews. Now this is not the Castle Course or the Old Course so do not make the unfair comparisons. Just take the Fairmont St Andrews as it is and I am sure you will have a great time.

A Good Rental Service

If you want to come for a golfing break to St Andrews, but do not want to lug around your clubs. Then they do offer a good rental service at the Fairmont St Andrews. You can pretty much hire anything you need. So if you do not want the hassle of bringing your own gear or if you are taking your first ever golf break and do not have a full set of your own then this works out perfectly.

Other Things To See And Do

Eating & Drinking

A salmon fillet, Scotch beef and even pizza are all part of the diverse and tasty menu at The Glass House. A great wee restaurant that offers a nice meal in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. They also have a very nice wine list here which is perfect if you have sliced a few balls into the sea and want to forget about it.

A Walk Along The West Sands

If you are not too tired from an exciting day of golf then I highly recommend a nice walk along the West Sands beach. This is as “Scottish” as a beach can be! One of the true crown jewels in St Andrews is this incredible beach and a nice walk in the early evening (maybe with a bag of fish and chips) is perfect!