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Auchindrain is the remains of the only "joint-tenancy" farm village that survived from the 16th century until 1967 including surviving the Clearances of the early 19th century. Very insightful and interesting.

Auchindrain is a complete West Highland village that survived as a working operation until the 1960s. It is especially interesting as it survived the Highland Clearances and continued operating as a "joint-tenancy" township. Auchindrain is recognised as being the most complete surviving example of a Highland farm township, a type of settlement representative of much of Scottish rural history.

 The thatched cottages, barn and blacksmith have all been perfectly restored, and are all furnished and equipped to give a real insight into what rural life must have been like in the Highlands before the Clearances.

 Auchindrain, or in Gaelic Achadh an Droighinn, field of the thorntree, is recognised as  being the most complete surviving example of a Highland farm township, a type of settlement representative of much of Scottish rural history.   The site is generally acknowledged as being national significant: it is designated as a Conservation Area; it is Category A Listed in its entirety, and its buildings are a Recognised Collection - one of the small number of collections held by museums other than the National Museums and National Galleries of Scotland.

There's also an informative visitor centre, with a bookshop and tearoom. 

Travel Directions to Auchindrain Township

Auchindrain is on the A83, six miles south of Inveraray.  If using satnav, the postcode is PA32 8XN, but the centre of this postcode area is two miles south of the museum in the village of Furnace.  If coming from the north, look for the signpost for the left turn into Auchindrain before the satnav thinks you have arrived.  If coming from the south, continue along the A83 for another two miles after the satnav says you have reached your destination, and look for the signpost for the right turn into Auchindrain.

Address Details

  • Auchindrain
  • Furnace Argyll
  • PA32 8XN

Nearby Castles

  • Inveraray Castle

    Home to Clan Campbell's chief and a substantial baronial pile built in 1743 on the site of previous castle. Open to visitors and includes lovely gardens.

Nearby Visitor Attractions

  • Inveraray Jail

    Restored Georgian jail and courthouse that is ideal for kids! Tons to see and het involved in. Interactive without any digital rubbish. Highly recommended.

  • Inveraray Maritime Museum

    Small maritime museum on the Pier with a couple of interesting vessels to wander around: the Arctic Penguin, and the old victualling ship, the Puffer. Grand excursion for the kids and anybody with a little interest in maritime history.

  • Argyll Adventure Inveraray

    Adventure centre south of Inveraray offering a tons of outdoor activities for age 4 and up. Kids can play paintball or laser tag from 6 and from 10 years. 

  • Crarae Gardens

    Lovely garden beside Loch Fyne set in dramatic glen setting. Best times May and autumn but worth visiting any time. 

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