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Aberfeldy Stag Weekends

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Why You Should Come To Aberfeldy

While it only be a wee place, Aberfeldy is actually located in a damn fine spot for a stag weekend base. You see you are kind of in the middle of many other great areas of Scotland. So you really are close to so many amazing daytime activities that make the most of the great Scottish outdoors. While the nightlife may not be the best, Perth is just a short drive and that is perfect for a stag night!

For you blokes who like to do the whole tourist thing when you go anywhere, Aberfeldy is the kind of place where you will mainly be going on long walks. So for you outdoors types this is a person who loves the outdoors dream place.

How To Get To Aberfeldy

While it may sound like it is in the middle of nowhere, Aberfeldy is actually not really any hassle to get to. If you get on the A9 and then off on the A827 you can get here pretty directly .Public transport may not be like it is in a place like say Glasgow, but you can still get a coach here if you want. But as you will be travelling to and from places most likely, this is one stag do location where a car is a good idea.

Day Time Activities To Do In Aberfeldy

What can’t you do around here????? Ok let’s drop the dramatics and just take a look at some of the most awesome things you guys can get up to here.

Dewar’s World Of Whisky

If Aberfeldy is known for one thing its whisky. Here you guys will get to live the dream as you get to go on a first rate whisky tour. You get to find out about how the amazing whisky is made here and as well as this they have a few samples and a nice café to grab a bite to eat. I think that a stag weekend in Aberfeldy simply must see the group come here for at least a little bit. If you are a man who thinks he can handle his whisky then this place will sure as hell put you to the test.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

At about 8 miles away a day of clay pigeon shooting here is going to make you feel like a real man! You guys will be taught by a guy who knows his stuff! You will be shown the proper way to aim and actually have a real chance of blowing one of the clays to a million tiny wee places. As much fun as this is, it’s impossible not to get competitive and want to get the highest score by hitting the most clays.

Canyoning Adventure

Allt a’Bhealaich is the name of the canyon/gorge or whatever you want to call it, you guys will be exploring on this awesome day of canyoning . Canyoning is a real manly man’s stag do activity. It’s going on a trek where you will need to climb down waterfalls! Make huge ass jumps that seem impossible! Swim in water that possibly could be where Nessie is hiding! Explore creepy caves and so much more! Your guide as well as making sure you are all safe will be sure to make it so you guys get to do a don of cool stuff on this adventure.

Quad Biking

The guys here know how to make sure a group of guys have a great time on a quad bike trek. You will be given a quick wee lesson to make sure that none of you guys are total morons and then it’s off on a trek. What I really love about these guys is that the trek you go on will be tailor made to your stag group. So if you are all experienced on quad bikes then you will go on a pretty hard core trek. But if this is your first time then they will take things a wee bit more easier on you. Do not get me wrong the easy trek is still a hell of fun and you will get to go fast, go up steep hills, fly down crazy slopes and so much more.

How To Have A Fun Stag Night

I will tell you right now the nightlife in Aberfeldy apart from some bars is not really in existence if I am honest, but do not freak out as its very close to some pretty cool night spots that are just a short drive away!

Highland Stripper

Just because you are in the great outdoors does not mean you cannot give the groom a little bit of sexy action before he is married. These guys can arrange for a smoking hot female stripper to show up at your hotel or a bar (of course you need to get venue permission first) and put on a sexy little tease show to really send the groom to be off in style. A stag night must involve a set of nice boobs and trust me the ones on a stripper a much better than the ones on your overweight buddy!

The Loft

This nightclub is actually located in Perth, but it’s a really cool club and after a hard day enjoying the outdoors of Aberfeldy a short drive to Perth for your stag night is a great idea. The Loft is just a really “good times” kind of nightclub they do not really just stick to one type of music and they play a great mix all through the night. They have some really cool areas to party and try your luck with the local lassies. But there is also a nice more relaxed cocktail area…….. which is another great way to pick up women. We know the guys here pretty well so we can even hook you up with guest list entry. After a long day riding quads, shooting guns or whatever it is you have been doing. The last thing you want to do is stand in line!

The Ice Factory Nightclub

Here is another Perth nightclub for you guys, actually one of if not the oldest nightclub in Perth. The Ice Factory has three different rooms to party in where you can dance it up and have a few drinks. Also there is a nice VIP bar if you guys want to get away from the regular, common folk and feel like big shots. And if you are not scared of freezing your balls off in the Perth night air, you can have a few beers in their pretty bad ass open courtyard area.

Where You Can Eat


For something a little bit hot and spicy then Chillies is the place for you guys. This is the best Indian in Aberfeldy. The actual restaurant is really chilled out and you guys will find this the perfect place to relax and eat some really nice and exciting food. For you less adventurous eaters, Chillies has some more mild Indian dishes on their menu as well.

The Black Watch Pub

For some damn good pub food there is not a better place in Aberfeldy than The Black Watch Pub. This place dates back all the way to the 1890’s which is like a thousand years (maths was never my strong point) anyway for a nice meal, some good booze and a good old fashioned, Scottish vibe there is nowhere better than The Black Watch Pub. No matter if you want a Sunday roast before you boys head home or something quick and easy on the Saturday, you will be taken care of here.

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